Meals Made in House – fresh, delicious, daily!

Have you been to our deli?  Fresh meals made daily – so skip the fast food or hours of cooking and cleaning.  Let us do that for you.

From fresh meatballs to pasta and butter chicken, sandwiches, salads and even custom platters for your next event or party – we can do it all.

Just call for more information or to place an order today 604-254-1214 – visit us anytime too at the corner of 1st Ave & Commercial Drive.


Don’t Want to Microwave Popcorn? We Can Help!

Did you know we pop and bag fresh popcorn in house!  Our giant machine fills these bags which can fill up to 5 bowls for movie night.

Skip the microwave and go straight for freshness.  Try it today or anytime – we are open 24 hours a day.  Movie night just got better.