Super Valu employee and local actor Niall McNeil plays Arthur in the local play “King Arthur’s Night”  It is a play written by Niall and Marcus Youssef, with music by Veda Hille.

Niall has  worked at Super Valu for 11 years so he asked the owners to film this video for the play in the store.  We are so proud to be part of his production. Check it out the song and video.

Album now available for purchase in digital and vinyl formats:
Vinyl:… (includes FREE digital copy)


Super Valu on Commercial Drive is dedicated to the local community.  From helping with fundraising events for local sports teams to giving a helping hand to local families when they need it the most.  Here are some of our stories:

darceyOne of our owners, Darcey Houser was watching the news and saw a devastating fire in the area that left one family with next to nothing.  He drove by the house later that day.  A few days later he decided to track down the family and help them with groceries.  Fate would have it, he met the lady who he saw weeping on the news and gave her and her family a$1000 grocery voucher.  The return hug was priceless.

Here is their story:  The Edwards-Cyrus family lost everything in a recent house fire on Renfrew.  They had just moved here from Montreal and said they are amazed by the help they have received locally. We look forward to seeing our new friends in the store.

(in this picture: Darcey Houser with mom Faye and 4 year old Isaiah. 6 year old Zahiem is at school and dad Jason at work)


Imagine coming home from work at the end of a long week.  You have some rent money in cash and expensive tools and are waiting for the last Processed with Moldivbus home.  But you don’t make it home, you wake up in the hospital.

It was a horrifying reality for one man in Langley.  When news broke and pictures were revealed of the attack, an employee at Super Valu wanted to do something for the family.

Together the team helped deliver boxes of fresh meats, produce and items to stock their kitchen while they recover.

The victim and his family had an outpour of support from the community coming together – fresh homemade meals to people even helping pay their rent.  Thank you for letting us be part of such a caring community.



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