20th Anniversary Party Pictures & Winners

Thank you to everyone who came out to our big 20th Anniversary party.

We gave away $1000s in prizes from gift cards to the best hot spots along Commercial Drive to bikes and in store gift cards. Congratulations to all the winners.  We also awarded $250 to our first place winners in the big selfie contest.

Co-owner Darcey Houser and his wife had a great BBQ set up with brisket and maple bacon beans plus coleslaw for eats.  We even had one couple stop in the middle of their move and pull over to enjoy a great lunch.  Donations were collected for the Empty Stocking Fund too.

Inside the 102.7 FM the Peak was broadcasting live.  The prize wheel was spinning all day and allowing customers to win big.  Plus we had an espresso machine and great deals on too.

Here are some pictures:

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By Kuljeet Kaila

New Flyer – August 14 to 20, 2015 Summer Sizzling Deals

Summer continues with another flyer packed with sizzling deals – 2 full pages of No Name Products on sale, everything you need for the BBQ and $2, $3 and $4 deals too.  Follow us on facebook or twitter for more secret deals, contests and ways to win your groceries for free!

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By Kuljeet Kaila

Pack the Perfect Picnic with Super Valu

picnicumbrellaIt’s picnic season and we have great foods to fill your picnic basket:

1.  Fresh pastries from our bakery department includes a huge selection of breads, cookies, muffins, pies, cakes and more.

2.  Ready made foods like subs, sandwiches, samosas and more.  sandwiches

3.  Ready made salads that are actually fresh because we have an in house deli and a strict rule to keep things fresh.  And just because our deli hand makes fresh, delicious ready to eat foods doesn’t mean you pay a huge price.  Dressing on the side too. Yes these pictures and prices are from 2015.

4.  You can also custom order sandwiches and platters of fruit and veggies.  Individual sized or for a party of 30 or more.  delipic

Call us at 604-254-1214 and place your order with the deli department.

5.  We also have fresh whole or half roasted chicken – no need to cook or BBQ. Just take, pack it the picnic basket and hit your local park or beach for a great day.

summerfruits6.  Summer fruits like pineapple and watermelon available in ready cut half pieces.

7.  Snacks – add some great snacks like fresh in house made popcorn or world class chocolates too.  We have also have a massive selection of refreshments from fresh pressed juices to flavoured coconut water or this summer’s hit – watermelon juice.

Here’s to the summer and great times outdoors made easy.

Drop by anytime, we are open 24/7.  Located at the corner of 1st Ave. & Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC


By Kuljeet Kaila

Spruce Up Summer Salad Season

Finally it is summer time and appetites change from hot comfort foods from the cold months to refreshing fruits and vegetables.  So instead of reaching for your usual boring salad, add a few other ingredients and spruce things up.  Here’s a couple of ideas:

saladblog1.  Caesar salad – start with the classic and typical items. Then add shredded or small pieces of cauliflower, sliced almonds and some olives and feta to the typical romaine leaves, croutons and dressing.

The extra ingredients actually make the salad creamier and crisp if eating later on in the day.


2.  Fruity meets spinach.  Many people don’t even like the taste of spinach especially kids.

So what do you do?  Pass on spinach?  No you dress it up!

This is when you can add fruits like oranges, strawberries or any kind of summer berry plus cubed avocadoes and even thinly sliced purple onion.  The more flavours, the merrier.  A handful of nuts and cranberries or your choice of meet is the perfect way to turn just a salad into a full meal deal.

TIP – cut up all the ingredients and set up a make your own salad bar at home. Or get everyone to pitch in a few bucks, pick up all the ingredients and everyone has a healthy lunch for less.

By Kuljeet Kaila

$10 Dinner for Two – This Week’s Deals

This week we are having a big sale on Italian flavours (see flyer here for details)

Here is a great recipe for a great pasta night.

Vegetarian, vegan or meat options as you please.

pasta10You will need:

– pasta (any kind)

– 1 jar of Classico sauce (any kind)

– onion, garlic

– salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and curry powder to taste (we used less than half a tblspn for each)

– Kraft Caesar salad dressing (as much as you want to make the sauce rose)

Cook the pasta separate for 11 minutes and mix onion, garlic, seasonings for 10 minutes.  Add sauce and dressing.

That’s it!  Simple, super delicious, cost effective and all ingredients now on sale.

Add veggies or meat as you wish.

By Kuljeet Kaila